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A Blending of the Conscious and Unconscious Whole

Welcome to The Wyrd Tarot - a whimsical and transformative experience.  We hope you find this deck helpful as you begin or continue on your journey of discovery, healing, and helping others.  As we compiled the deck, we wanted to make sure we honored the traditional Rider Waite, with our own flair.  In the images, you will find whimsy, humor, light, dark, complexity, and above all, the information you will need to work with yourself or others, assisting them on their journey of self-discovery and healing. 

In thinking about the title to the deck, we wanted to come up with something that would give a nod to our amazing illustrator and to us.  “Wryd” means destiny, fate and karma.  It is an invisible, powerful force that controls the outcome of a person’s life.  The Web of Wyrd is the concept of past, present and future.  Kind of like Tarot!  It is an old English word meaning coming to pass or becoming.  Also, when you look at the symbol for Wyrd, it looks very similar to filigree which is our nod to Silver Filigree3, our Alexandra!

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